Shivapuri Hill and Nagi Gompa Hike

1 Days

‘A lovely pleasant hike around the scenic hill of Kathmandu valley rim’


”Enjoy the pristine natural surroundings with lively exotic flora and fauna.
The closest scenic green hills a mere distance from Kathmandu valley rim.
Hike into lovely rhododendron and pine forest facing amazing landscapes scenery.
Climb on top of Shivapuri Hill, rewards exceptional panorama of snow-capped peaks.
Visit the Buddhist Nagi Gompa, and observe the nunnery impressive religious activities”  

Trip Profile:
Hiking Grade: Moderate with short ups and downhill walks.
Maximum altitude gain. 2,563 m / Approx. 8,409 feet high.
Hiking duration: A day hike of approx. 4-5 hours with drives and walks.
Transportation: As per group size, cars, four wheels, coach or bus.
Distance of hike: 08 k.m. approx. 5 miles both ways.
Starting point: From Shivapuri Narjun National Park.
Ending point of hike: At Shivapuri Narjun National Park. 


Shivapuri Hill & Nagi Gompa, located on the outskirt of Kathmandu valley rim towards north of Kathmandu valley. On route Narayanthan or Buddhanilkantha, temple of sleeping Lord Vishnu. The hike begins after entering the Shivapuri National Park, walk through cool shade of forest. On leaving the gradual path, the route leads to steep climb of few hours to the top of Shivapuri Hill. Walk uphill facing grand bird’s eye views of Kathmandu city and the city with surrounding tiers of green hills.

After an exciting climb with few refreshing stops reaching the 2nd highest point around the hills of Kathmandu valley rim.

Shivapuri Hill at 2,563 m high, the highest hills after Phulchowki 2,762 meters, llocated South East of Kathmandu valley. Although a steep hike uphill for few hours but worth the glorious panorama of Himalayan snow peaks towards north.

Facing views of Manaslu, Ganesh, Langtang and Jugal Himal range with superb scenery of Kathmandu city and the valley.

Shivapuri Hill, stands high on the Northern part of Kathmandu valley, falls within Shivapuri Narjun National Park. Situated 12 kilometer away from the center of capital city Kathmandu,
a peaceful retreat and gateway to serene environment. The Shivapuri hill, apart from scenic views and tranquility amidst beautiful surrounding, it is also the source of revered rivers.
Which makes the major rivers of Bagmati and Bishnumati, flows over 159 through dense forest. Shivapuri Hill, famous for bird watching and home to 177 different birds, including 9 threatened bird’s species. As well 102 species of butterflies are found with a number of rare and endangered species. Around the hills of Shivapuri 129 species of wild mushrooms are found with various species of mammals. Like leopards, Himalayan Black bears, deer, wild boar and many other rare animals dwells in the park. 

After enjoying the views of surrounding amazing scenery of peaks and rolling green hills, valleys descent towards Nagi Gompa. An impressive Buddhist monastery and a nunnery, located in a lovely peaceful environment of green forested hills. Founded by Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling 50 years ago, which is a hermitage and retreat center for monks and nuns.

Visit the monastery interior and its main prayer hall adorned with magnificent religious arts and paintings. Includes many images of Lord Buddha and saints, after an interesting tour, a short walk to park exit point. After concluding a wonderful exciting day hike on the scenic hills of Shivapuri.

Day Detailed Itinerary:
(From 7 a.m. to 4-5 p.m. with lunch stop)

Morning having breakfast, depart from the hotel by early 6:30 a.m. not later than 7 p.m.
Guide with transport, as per size of a group will receives you for an exciting short hour drives.
Reaching north and off the valley rim and city suburb at Narayanthan, a town with holy site.
A temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the statute lying in a sleeping positions on a bed of serpents. On a water pool, a great work of craftsmanship, time permitting can visit before or after the Shivapuri Hill hiking. 

From near the temple premises, drive leads further up reaching at the entrance of Shivapuri & Nagarjun National Park gate. The guide will obtain the needful entrance tickets, the start hike on moderate forested path for less than an hour. Start the climb on steep path uphill within dense woods of tall rhododendron and pines trees. After few hours of steady climb reach on top Shivapuri Hill, on the second highest point around Kathmandu valley.

Enjoy the panorama of white peaks of Central and Mid-West Himalaya range, includes views of
Manaslu, Ganesh and Langtang Himal. A tranquil and scenic surrounding overlooking grand scenery of Kathmandu city and with rolling green hills that surrounds the valley.

An easy descent past lovely green grassy meadows and through forested path reaching the bottom on the main wide trail. Having time a short easy walk and climb to Nagi Gompa, a beautiful place with a nunnery. Tour of monastery interior visiting the main prayer walls adorned with ancient Buddhist artifacts and tall statues of Buddha. The walls and ceiling brightly painted with figures of Buddha and murals. After an interesting visit of the monastery and observing priest and nuns in religious activities.

Return walk to the exit gate of Shivapuri Nagarrjun National Park, and then a hour drive back to your hotels.