1 Days

Dhulikhel, Panauti

Brief Description

Early morning you’ll be picked up from the hotel and driven to Dhulikhel. A popular starting point for hiking and trekking, the place is itself famous for its magnificent vistas surrounded by alluring green hills. 

From Dhulikhel you’ll proceed your pilgrimage via the first temple of the trail, Nil Mahadev temple. After receiving the blessings from Shiva, you’ll come across the Kali Mandir perched on the top of Kavre Kot Hill. Walking further through beautiful terraced farms and sparse forest. Once you enter the dense forest, you’ll finally reach Namobuddha. 

Enjoy the view of pearly white peaks perfectly blending with lush green forest and hills. After visiting temples, and monasteries, venture towards the ethnic Newari village of Panauti. While staying at homestay, experience the antiquity of the indigenous Newari people. Drive back to Kathmandu.  


A famous buddhist pilgrimage site, Namobuddha is located 44.6 km away from the Kathmandu Valley. The site has its unique story to tell, which adds the value to the place as a pilgrimage. 

It is said that during the previous lifetimes of Buddha, he happened to walk through the jungle and encountered a hungry tigress with her cubs. The tigress was so weak and so hungry that she was unable to move. Realizing the suffering of the tigress and her cubs, Buddha sliced his own flesh to feed the tiger. According to the myth only the skeleton and strands of hair were found which were later put inside the stupa to revere the Buddha.

Later, as people frequently recited the name in the hope that it would shield them from the dangers of wild animals, the location was given the name Namo Buddha. Since then, a lot of spiritual searchers have traveled there and regard it as a pilgrimage site where followers might atone for their sins.

Duration: 2 days

Max altitude: 1750m

Accessibility: Private vehicle (booked on the basis of no of pax)

Trip Highlights

  • Magnificent Himalayan Vistas from the top of the breezy hill.
  • Trail full of beautiful villages, greenaries, terraced farms surrounded by massive hills.
  • Experience spirituality in nature's lap, visiting Thrangu Tashi Yangtse monastery.
  • Get to know the indigenous people of Newar and Tamang community.
  • Explore the ancient village of Panauti with artistic hindu temples.

06:30 a.m: Scenic drive from hotel to Dhulikhel (40 min drive) 07:30 a.m: Short adventurous pilgrimage to Namobuddha (3 hrs) 11:00 a.m: Descend to Panauti (2 hrs 60 min). Overnight stay at Panauti Community Homestay