Illam Hill Station

7 Days

‘explore the rolling green hills of eastern Nepal Himalayas’


Ilam Hill Station takes you to the sea of Tea Garden and Scenic Cultural Tour. Ilam is famous for tea and organic products. Ilam Hill Station is an exclusive journey of great scenic and cultural combination, as well as an educational tour. Where visitors can learn and observe the ancient heritage of farm life, enriched with age-old culture.

Ilam Hill Station covers Nepal’s best part of the country from the eastern to mid-west Himalayas. Taking a swift and short panoramic flight towards Nepal’s Far Eastern South Terai belt. During airborne enjoy fantastic views of Central to Eastern Himalayan peaks from Everest, Makalu to Mt. Kanchenjunga. 

From the low land of Terai, of sub-tropical temperature, the drive takes you to a cooler hill at Ilam Bazaar. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of rolling hill-facing views of the distant Kanchenjunga Himal with a vast sea of tea gardens.

The tour takes you to Kanyam, and Mai Pokhari on the least visited region by outside visitors. Which makes this trip more special from untouched areas by the main flow of tourists. Apart from the main highlighted Tea Garden of eastern Nepal, the tour extends toward hidden corners and scenic places. 

An excellent way to experience Nepal’s beautiful countryside, from farm villages and towns of Ilam. Where Nepal’s best tea is grown around its wide tea gardens in the close backdrop, of the world’s third-highest Mt. Kanchenjunga. 

Ilam Hill Station, popularly called Ilam Bazaar the gateway to various Himalayan destinations, like the Kanchenjunga base camp. As well as the famous Darjeeling the queen of hill stations located in North-East India, popularly known for the world’s best teas. 

Within Ilam are great places to visit besides its lovely tea fields. The tour takes you to the famous pilgrimage site at Mai Pokhari a serene holy pond, located in tranquil surroundings.

After an interesting time around Ilam and Kanyam Tea Estate back down to a low warm country for a scenic flight to Kathmandu.

Culture, Religion & History:

The lower areas of Nepal’s Eastern Himalayas are much warmer with sub-tropical temperatures, where most farm villages are located. The lower mid-hills of mixed tribes of hill people. Gurung, Magar, Hindu Brahmins, Chettries, and Newars.

The culture and religions are mixed with Hinduism and Buddhism around low land to mid-hills till Ilam and Kanyam Tea-Garden village. 

The areas on this tour visit Tea Gardens and rural farm villages. 

 As well as Mai Pokhari, a holy pond. Situated amidst beautiful rhododendron and pine forest facing wonderful scenery.

The Ilam Hill station and main Bazaar with all types of hill people, mostly the Kirat Rai and Limbu tribes interwoven to Hindu religion. As well as practice their ancient cultures’ worship of nature and Shamanism.    

Useful Notes on Tea how it is grown and harvested:

Around Nepal, the harvest for tea season begins around March and can finish as late as November. Depending upon the age of tea bushes, the exception to this is teas made from the finer buds and leaves of the plants. The younger teas have a more specific growing season and can be harvested as per the areas and season-wise.

In Nepal the normal plucking times, in most of the tea estates tea leaves are plucked at weekly intervals from the springtime of March to May. 

The tea garden needs much nitrogen as fertilizer, the best it can get from natural sources of thunder and lightning. From the dark rainy monsoon heavy clouds, where more than 100 mm of rain is required to make the best tea garden.

The nitrogen from the lightning thunder is captured by the underground roots, which makes a perfect fertilizer. This is why the mid-hills of Eastern Nepal around Ilam get a better harvest of good teas.

The region is also close to the border of Darjeeling, famous for tea products all around the world. Where Ilam shares the same types of landscapes as Darjeeling, which makes Ilam great area for Tea gardens. 

As well for its rich products of teas, exports to other countries also along with its beautiful scenery.