1 Days

Halesi Mahadev, known to be the Eastern Pashupati of Nepal is the hotspot for the devotees of Shiva. Located in the Khotang district of the Eastern Nepal, the site is the concoction of many underground caves and temples. Not only Hindu and Buddhist, but also the Kiranti people( The ruling clan of Nepal (800 B.C to 300 A.D), visit the place to worship different gods or divine entities they believe to exist.

Hindu people visit the place to worship Mahadev, Buddhist to worship Padmasambhava and Kiranti people to worship Halesi, their ancestral deity. Located 67 feet below the surface level, the unique structure, dark and chilly feature. makes the cave more interesting for not only pilgrims but also other tourists. Large number of pilgrims flock in the area specially during Shivaratri and Bala Chaturdashi.

Brief Description

From Kathmandu, take a morning drive. You can enjoy the coziness of a lodge in the Halesi after a 325 kilometer drive there.

Get up early tomorrow to visit the shrine and explore the mysterious caves. Drive back to Kathmandu once the ceremonies and devotion are finished.


Duration: 2 days

Max altitude: 

Accessibility: Private vehicle (booked on the basis of no of pax)

Accommodation: Hotel/ Lodge