Baraha Kshetra

2 Days

Baraha Kshetra, one of the Char Dham (major abodes for attaining salvation), holds the greatest spiritual significance for Hindu and Kiranti (indigenous of Nepal) devotees. Barahakshetra is one of the major pilgrimage sites in Nepal near Chatra where the Sapta Koshi River emerges from the mountains to the Terai. The place is described in some of the oldest hindu religious text books and is linked to the epic of Mahabharata. The area houses temples built in pagoda style architecture, with the main temple of Lord Vishnu incarnated as a wild boar. There are other 9 temples of different deities like Laxmi, Nageshwar, Suryavarah, Guruvarah, Panchayat, Kokawarah to name a few.

The Kumbh Mela (a religious fair conducted once in a 12 years) is this location’s next important historical event, where people take a dip in the holy water of Koshi, believing to get cleansed from all their sins. Last time it was conducted in 2070 B.S. People also come here for fagu purnima, rishi panchami, vyas panchami and ekadashi.


Duration: 2 days

Accessibility: Private vehicle (booked on the basis of no of pax)

Accommodation: Hotel/ Lodge